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          If I’m being honest for years Josh & myself thought prints were for retirees and didn’t want to have anything to do with them. They were prehistoric and we were modern and only dealt in the digital. Because of this, we washed our hands of any responsibility when it came to curating, arranging and ordering quality prints, canvas’ or albums.

          I’m sure there are more than a few of you who are reading this now which perhaps have the same thoughts as me from time to time.

          • “Where would I put them – They’re just going to take up space when I can view them all on my phone”.
          • “It’s very pretentious”.
          • “They’ll just end up in storage”.
          • “Who has the time to do that”.

          Well, I’ve seen the light and there are some genuinely powerful reasoning as to why having something tangible is the best way to get the most out of your wedding images. I wasn’t a believer either, so I’m the perfect person to talk to you about it.


          Your wedding is a story. From the start of the day getting ready; to the first look down the aisle; to the “I do’s”; to dancing the night away. Printing your photos in an album allows you to re-live that story in a way that an online gallery of hundreds of images simply does not. Imagine looking through your wedding album together with your family during the holidays, and again on your anniversaries, and maybe even later with your children. Printing your photos in an album allows you to experience them the way your photographer intended.

          2. PHOTOS = ART

          Not to toot my own horn over here but as a photographer, I consider myself an artist. I know you’re not just coming to us to capture your day, but to capture it using our vision you’ve come to love. What better to hang on the walls of your home than the art you already commissioned for your wedding day. An added bonus is the constant reminder seeing your images on the wall will be, keeping you grounded together.


          If you remember MySpace you’ll know social platforms aren’t forever! Even if you were to upload your wedding photos (all 800 of them) to Facebook, how often would you and your family actually spend time looking through them there? I’m not afraid to share with you that it’s not uncommon for couples who don’t deal ‘in the tangible’ to only visit their gallery online a handful of times which breaks my heart.


          When you print your photos, you’re not the only ones who get to appreciate them – your family, both present and future, do too! I spoke about retirees earlier but if you’ve ever seen your parents’ or grandparents’ old wedding photos hanging in their home or come across a box of old images from their weddings, then you know how special and meaningful those artifacts are. I didn’t appreciate that until recently when my beloved grandfather passed away and I was able to connect with him again through photos we had of him. Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren being able to touch, hold, and sift through your wedding photos is a powerful way to connect through generations.

          Ultimately, the tangible value of deciding to print your wedding photos, whether as albums/wedding zine for your coffee table, art for your home, or gifts for your family, is unparalleled. Your wedding day deserves better than a Facebook gallery or USB which sits in your junk draw. Photos are meant to be viewed, so make sure you’re giving those memories a chance to be re-lived – now and forever!