We Are With HeartGet to know the crew.

We’re so glad you made it here and discovered our not so secret passion. We’re a young team of storytellers from Sydney capturing honest, genuine moments; from the heart. Focused on human connection we’re passionate about shooting couples who are over the moon excited for their day and making it as memorable as possible.

Simple packages tailored to the young at soul generations giving ease of mind and low stress stills and video for your wedding. We’ll grab a drink with anyone and discuss how best we can match up and make sure you know we’re going to be just another set of close friends joining in the celebrations.

We’d love for you to explore; see some of our work; review our packages; and then reach out to chat with us. Let’s talk about how we can make your wedding the most memorable day of your lives.

Mitchell Ferris

Camera Slinger & Photo Shooter

Hey! I’m Mitch. I love baseball, comedy shows, skiing but more importantly, I love people. I couldn’t even begin to imagine doing anything besides telling our couples’ stories. Not to sound cheesy but it’s a pretty great feeling when you finally find the one thing you want to do for the rest of your life. Starting With Heart with my two best friends was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Ever since then I have loved every second of everyday and never looked back.

Joshua Moll

Film & Food Wrangler

Howdy, I’m Josh! I love adventures, creating and shamelessly devouring wedding food. I live to create and push my limits so I travel a lot and produce a tonne of videos which will you want to pack up your bags and fly away today. Being blessed enough to share these days with our couples (and friends), and then go on to tell the story of their day is a privilege I’m so blessed to hold.

Meet The Team!

We’re super fortunate to have an amazing team that has grown with us from day one

Connor Rancan
  • Connor Rancan

  • Video & Creative Cowboy
  • Hi there, my name’s Connor! For as long as I can remember, I’ve simply just loved creating. Whether it was an epic cubby house as a kid, or telling stories through film. While this pursuit into film started out as an amateur interest, it has became more of a wallet crippling obsession, and I couldn’t be one bit happier.

Brad Spencer
  • Brad Spencer

  • Stills Photographer & Lyrical Rockstar
  • Yoooo, I’m Brad! I started with this whole photography thing as a silly hobby when I was nine or ten. My friends and I would film ourselves doing skateboard tricks and trying to make ourselves seem better than we were, and we really needed it. It’s something that grew quickly into an obsession that bled into all of my interests; music, sports and relationships. Wedding photography is a super satisfying facet of photography. Seeing a project start to finish is very fulfilling, not to mention an honour to be trusted with one of the biggest events of peoples lives.

Dan Allen
  • Dan Allen

  • Videographer
  • My name is Dan and I am a surfer, coffee enthusiast and most importantly a video producer. As a freelancer I work in many industries but by far, my favourite is weddings. Nothing makes me happier then sitting down with a couple and brainstorming creative ideas for the special day. Having the privilege to capturing such an important event in peoples lives is something that a I really cherish. Other than coffee, nothing makes my day better than capturing weddings and expressing my creative style through this medium.

Aaron Bull
  • Aaron Bull

  • Videographer
  • Hey I’m Aaron! I’ve always loved capturing moments on camera and being able to create memories that last forever. There’s no better feeling than creating such a loving and cherishing visual for our couple’s big day. Shooting as a part of with heart has been so rewarding and definitely opened new doors for my career path. I love every second of shooting with my friends and couldn’t be happier to be a part of with heart.