ELEANOR & BENJIMelross & Willows Estate, NSW

Benji and Elle were just amazing. Since the first second we captured the boys getting ready, the banter was crushingly hilarious. The ladies were looking stunning, and before you know it, it was time for them to tie the knot. The second Elle was in Benji’s sight, he may or may not have dropped a few joyful tears. The laughter, tears and cheers were shared till their [...]

REANNAN & KURTTerara Riverside Gardens, NSW

Reannan & Kurt moved us in ways that we really don't know how to write into words. From the wholesome getting ready sessions filled with laughter and genuine friends. To the heartfelt ceremony replacing tears of joy with gaping wide smiles.  Finally rounding the evening off with speeches that could move the hardest of hearts. This wedding day was the best re[...]

BRIGITTA & JAMESGunners Barracks, Australia

We met for drinks with these two the week before their big day and hit it off from the start! James & Bree have been chatting to us from the start about all their plans and we all knew it was going to be one to remember. I didn't think we could top a sunset above Gunners Barracks, but Bree had other plans when her bridal party of sisters absolutely annihilated t[...]

BRAYDEN & MATILDALoxley On Bell Bird Hill, Australia

Brayden told us that Matilda and him were destined to be together since they first laid eyes on one another, it just took them a little while to realise it... With a story like that it's safe to say we were over the moon excited to be invited to join them on their special day. Watching this love unfold is something we'll hold dear to our hearts for a long time to co[...]