BRAYDEN & MATILDALoxley On Bell Bird Hill, Australia

Brayden told us that Matilda and him were destined to be together since they first laid eyes on one another, it just took them a little while to realise it… With a story like that it’s safe to say we were over the moon excited to be invited to join them on their special day. Watching this love unfold is something we’ll hold dear to our hearts for a long time to come.

These two stunners knew how to stay grounded in the lead up to their big day, never letting anything phase them and working as a team to create something magical. A morning swim to cool off on a hot summers day was the perfect start for Brayden. Matilda choosing to get ready in her childhood home surrounded by friends and family. We all met up at Loxley On Bell Bird Hill to celebrate these two and the rest is history!

Walk through the day one last time with the video above, or check out the photos here.