How long do we have you for on the day ?

We don’t like to impose time restrictions on your wedding day! That’s why we’ve opted to give you a massive 10 hours so you’re going to have us as early as needed until as late as wanted. Wouldn’t we both hate it if we missed capturing something because we’d run away. We don’t want you compromising time schedules to accommodate a tight coverage restriction, instead bask in the joy that comes with your wedding day. However we understand certain engagements may tend to run longer then 10 hours so we do offer additional hours at a rate of $330 per hour for individual packages and $550 per hour for photography & videography.

We don’t like posing! Will that be a problem ?

This is easily the question we’re asked the most and as any of our shooters will say; we’re in the exact same boat. For the most part we’re shooting entirely guerrilla, snapping candid, honest moments and letting the day flow naturally. Eventually when it does comes to location shots, of course we’ll give you some loose direction depending on how comfortable you are, however we just want to encourage you guys to be yourselves and relax. WE LOVE capturing people in fun/silly/romantic poses, but we really thrive on capturing people being their natural selves – Laughing, chatting and getting down on the dance floor (you know, the good stuff).

Should we organise a time to meet before the big day ?

Absolutely! We chat with everyone before they make their booking to ensure we’re the perfect match. If you’re a local we’ll organise a time at ‘The Baron’ (or anywhere that tickles your fancy) to pop down for some cool brews and discuss the details. However we know for a number of our clients this isn’t possible, in which case we can arrange a Skype date or phone call that suits you.

What equipment do you use ?

All of our shooters utilise the leading camera technology and consistently update our equipment to match emerging trends. Each Photographer operates a range of professional Canon bodies for our photography (Canon 1Dx II’s & 5D IV’s for the camera nerds) and full frame Sony mirrorless for our Cinematographers (A7sII’s & A7III’s again for the camera nerds). Each kit is complimented with a range of the best lenses but we won’t bore you with the rather large list here, feel free to chat to us when enquiring about your day.

Do you require a meal on the day ?

Yes please! With the amount of energy we apply to our process it can take a lot out of us. It’s a long day for everyone and a quick meal can give us that extra energy to power through the evening with you guys.

Should we give you a shot list ?

Group photo lists are great, detailed lists of every shot throughout the day, not so much. We take a photojournalistic approach capturing the day as it unfolds naturally. A shot list takes the spontaneity out of the images and hinders our creative ability. By all means send us some examples of shots you like, but leave those small details to us.

What time of day should we aim for, for the location photos ? We want it to look as good as it can !

We can’t stress enough the best time for location shots is where the sun is a little lower. During the middle of the day through to mid afternoon is when the sun is at it’s highest and can be a bit of a pain. It tends to cast some pretty harsh unflattering shadows resulting in squinty photos and highly contrasted skin tones. If you can, aim for a time where the sun is at a lower angle, particularly for your portrait session. The Golden Hour (the last hour of light before sunset) is prime portrait time. If we can’t work that into your day we hope we can steal you away at your reception for some sunset fun.

Can we get all the RAW negatives/footage from the day?


Unfortunately we do not give away the un-edited RAW negatives. The editing is as much a part of the service as the photography itself. A great deal of effort goes into ensuring that the photos are presented as best as they can to ensure they remain consistent throughout the day and RAW files are a very long way from the finished product. Finally for the same reason that a photographer does not supply every photo that was taken on your wedding day: the discarded material is not worth viewing. When a photographer shoots a portrait, they may take 10 frames of the same shot, to make sure they get one perfect image.


Although we take every effort to ensure that every moment is included in your highlight film there are always going to be certain parts that don’t flow or fit into your video. For that reason you can definitely get the raw video footage from the day. It will be straight out of the camera and therefor ungraded and uncompressed. Delivery will take the form of a physical hard drive and we do only allow limited personal use for these clips.

How is the music chosen for the film?

Throughout the day we listen to the music you have chosen, to get a sense of what you like, and what suits you and the feel of the day. Whilst popular songs may make a great soundtrack to your special day, we don’t believe in using other people’s work without paying for it, as we know how much work they put into creating their craft. Unfortunately really famous artists’ and their work can cost upwards of $1000 to license.  Instead, we license music from talented emerging artists from around Australia and the world for a small fee that’s built into the price of the film. By doing this you’re not only supporting some extremely talented artists, but also removing any hassle of the video becoming blocked on sites such as YouTube and Facebook because of copyright.

Of course we are more then happy for you to select your own music! We want to cater our work to your needs & create content that you’ll be happy with forever. Let us know if you are interested in picking your own song and we can discuss further.

Do you record sound on the day?

Yes we do! We try our best to ensure we capture as much personal audio from the day as we can. From the personalised letters in the morning to the tender speeches at the end of the night. If the opportunity presents itself we love to incorporate key audio from the day into our video highlight. However we are restricted in what we can guarantee as we are dependant on the location, audio equipment present and timing of events. Talk to us about this when you enquire for more information.

When can I expect to see my photos and video?

We always aim to deliver a few photos for your social media platforms so you and your friends have something to admire straight away. After that you can usually expect your edited images and/or video back in 4-6 weeks. We of course will keep you up to date as to how they are doing and when you can expect them! Obviously certain times of the year can lead to longer delays but it’s because we spend a lot of time making sure your photos and videos are perfect.

How do we lock in a booking ?

After we chat and get to know each other a little, just notify us via email if you’re ready to lock in a booking. We’ll grab some final details from you before firing over the booking confirmation, contract & invoice via email. There’s a 15% retainer due at the time the booking is made to lock in the date (payable via EFT) and the final payments are due the week before the wedding. If you think you might be interested in working out a payment plan we’re super flexible so don’t be afraid to ask!

Can we pay by credit card ? 

Of course! However we want to mention there is a 2.2% surcharge on card payments. Once again if you think you might be interested in working out a payment plan we are super flexible so don’t be afraid to communicate if there’s any issues.

Once we’ve booked do we speak to you/catch up much before the wedding ?

Absolutely! We’re always available to chat and help you with any concerns or ideas you have. We love to stay in touch with our clients in the lead up to (and after) the wedding day; it’s this unique relationship that leads us to create your beautiful galleries. Feel free to email through anything that you might want to chat about and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible, whether photography related or not.

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